Saturday, 2 January 2010

Curis' Hobby Year in Review

And now, like those cheap clip-episodes used to bulk those long seasons of Scrubs, here's the highlights of what I achieved in 2009 hobby-wise.

1. Epic Orks
May 2009 saw 3000 points of gaudy-bright Epic Bad Moonz win Best Army at the WPS Club Challenge (but no games). Read about it here.

Ring Raiders!

2. Project Change
September 9th saw me kick-off Project Change - one Tzeentch model every nine days. There have been thirteen models this year spanning over twenty years of Citadel history. Read about it here.

Let's go kick Gandalf's butt

3. Golden Demon
Finalist at the UK Golden Demons in the 40K Single with my retro Blood Angels Captain based on the classic John Blanche box artwork. Read all about it here.

Golden Demon Blood Angel

4. Epic Dark Angels
My second Epic tournament army of the year, and a second best-painted trophy. And also, not last place at the tournament. Read about it here.

Dark Angels

Well, what's in the pipeline for 2010?

Firstly, as Ninjabread's new design proudly boasts, there will be new strips every Friday. This is partly due to me delegating art duties to my cat.

Girlcat can do done drawing

Project Change will continue with more Tzeentch models. With the current rate of one every nine days I'll crank out another forty before the year's over. That's a significant dent in the estimated three-hundred Tzeentch models Games Workshop have put out.

The Epic UK Imperial Guard Codex is out, I think 3000 points of Imperial Guard for the tournament circuit are in order.

And also, there's variously:

  • Red Era Blood Angels Devastators

  • Rogue Trader Zoat Terror Squad

  • Mystery Golden Demon 2010 entries (already underway - ssshhh)

  • Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarves

And perhaps other various half-finished bits and bobs from 2009. Here's a photo of my miniatures mat to give you some idea.

My contained miniature kibble

See if you can spot the following: Fire Giant, Zoat with Fleshborer, Kaptin Badrukk, Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarves, Dark Angels Captain, Ambull, Heroquest Skellington, 80s Lord of the Rings Barrow Wight, lots of Tzeentch bits.

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