Thursday, 18 February 2010

G2 Pink Horror of Tzeentch Champion - Project Change XIX

Trish Morrison's Pink Horror Champion. His trademark grin was self-inflicted because he wanted to show his facially-scarred girlfriend he still found her attractive.

Pink Horror of Tzeentch Champion

I can't put my finger on when Lesser Daemons first got their Champions, as I still need to find a copy of 4th edition Fantasy's Warhammer Armies Chaos. But I know the first official Daemon command models came out in 1997. (Ahhh. 1997 - when Minotaurs had great models.)

The Pink Horror Champion had an extra WS, BS, S, I and A over the standard Pink Horror. This was back in 5th edition Warhammer Fantasy, when Champions could regularly take magic items of their own rather than just being the guy at the front with a different name and an additional attack. But Daemon Champions couldn't take magic items (unless they were a Daemon Battle Standard Bearer) and didn't get access to any Daemonic Rewards (the Daemons' equivalent of Magic Items). And so, with the exception of the improved stats, I can't work out why people took them.

In modern Fantasy the Pink Horror Champion has been renamed to Iridescent Horror, and can also be fielded in 40K. There is no model for Iridescent Horrors yet, or Heralds of Tzeentch, so the Pink Horror Champion tends to crop up in both these roles. (Though the cheaper and more common approach is just painting a Pink Horror a different shade of pink - tsk.)

I did originally feel a little guilty that so much of Project Change seems to be Daemons. So, I counted up all the models the project's scope includes, and then counted how many of them are categorised as Daemon. It's a whopping 83% at present (not including the Daemon Engines, dragons possessed by daemons, sorcerers riding bound daemons or those weird Man O'War things I really ought to research more). And, as with this model only 74% of Project Change is classified as Daemon, I'm okay.

And, I realised that two Horrors ago I collected enough to field a 7th edition Fantasy regiment. Here they all are on a movement tray celebrating their new-found gamable status.

Weathered Rogue Trader Space Marines

This is one of my Warhammer turn-offs. You spend an age painting your army, only those not in the front rank to be hidden away where the painting goes unnoticed.

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Posted by Curis at 9:09 am


At Saturday, 20 February 2010 at 17:22:00 GMT , Blogger Von said...

It was 5th editions 'Realms of Chaos' box that did it. I remember there being something of a hoo-hah at the time.

At Monday, 22 February 2010 at 01:31:00 GMT , Anonymous Curis said...

Interesting. The standard and musicians have been around since the original editions of Realms of Chaos in 88/90. Seems odd to introduce the champions so late on.

At Saturday, 27 February 2010 at 11:57:00 GMT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

the unit looks great, very chaotic.

I love that they look so happy about going into battle :)


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