Friday, 26 February 2010

Ninjabread 23 - RSPCM

The RSPCM I originally conceived of after seeing expensive resin superheavies mutilated by underskilled modellers. Such as someone who buys the Forge World Fire Dragon and welds a Commissar to it for use alongside their finger-painted Baneblades. I'm all for stretching your own ability and encouraging people to enjoy their hobby in whichsoever way they choose, but I reserve the right to point and laugh in much the same way you do at the wannabes on (say) Britain's Got Talent. You're not sneering at the lack of talent, but instead just amazed at the gap between how good they are and how good they think they themselves are.

But then at some point in the writing process the strip stopped being about that.

And on a side note, here's something else I've drawn recently with a bookshelf background.

No Sarah, I was asking to see your thesis.


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